Thursday, February 25, 2021

Hogtied... Hogs bludgeon Tide 81-66

Box score

Refs were bad, but shooting was worse. We reverted to our losing formula from Nov/December where we'd chuck up 3s when behind without getting the ball inside first.

While I am glad Bruner is back, I think in the 2nd half he hurt us more than helped as he was overconfident with his 3 straight 3s made to end the first half. Also, he should not be the one taking the most shots (14) in this offense.

Herb was mostly bad yesterday as his 5 TOs led the team (and most of them were really bad).

Gary was the highlight as his 9 boards was a team high... and he seem to have the most energy last night.

Oh well... can't win them all... just need to knock off $tate for our first outright SECT in about 20 years (2002 season).

#1 seed is probably out of reach now... want to defend that 2 seed though and need to win the last 2 games to sew that up. 

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