Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Defense stuffs Tigers- Bama wins 70-58

Box score

Yet another bad shooting night for the Tide, but the defense came through and held Auburn to under 40% from the field and caused 23 turnovers. 

Despite a bad shooting night (Shack and Petty hit 8 of our 10 3s) and getting outrebounded by 12, we did score when the game got to 5 and never really were threatened. Herbert had a 10/9/6 game and seemed to be more in rhythm than the previous couple of games.

Next up... @ UGA. It would be nice to close out the season 16-2 in conference.

As for NCAAT seeding, here is how I see the possibilities:

1 Seed- Win out including SECT (we'd get the bump over the 2nd place B1G team)

2 Seed- Win to SEC Semis

3 Seed- lose last 2 games

Arkansas has an outside shot at a 1 if they win out and beat us in the SECT. I can see them also as a 2 seed if they make it to the SECT Finals.

Soooo... I REALLY WANT the 1 seed. Not because of any advantage (it's not one this year), but just to say we are the first 1 seed outside of UF/UK in the SEC since 1999.

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