Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Update on this board

Hey all... after some deliberation I decided that going forward I'm pulling myself from this board minus maybe a few first person views from whatever games I attend. I have been busy with work, kids, side gigs, and other projects which does not leave much time to give this site the attention it deserves. As I get older I find it tougher to juggle multiple things... and I want to call it quits before Coach K does.

This board will be live at least through next season since I already paid up. I like to thank all of the folks that helped write on this board and all of those that have visited this corner of the web. I hope the others (Double T, DJC, and a returning MS... maybe) continue to post updates, previews, and recaps. If they add new voices that would be great as well.

It's kind of ironic that this board opened in 2006 after our 2nd round loss to UCLA... and I depart with a 3rd round loss to the same school 15 years later. Anyways, I have enjoyed keeping this board up most of the time... minus last year where it was obvious to me that I just did not have the passion to keep going.

I'll be at a few neutral site games this year (Orlando and Seattle) so if you are at either and see a long haired, semi-greyed beard dude trying to call timeouts for the coach you have found me.

Maybe I was the curse... who knew when I started this thing we'd only go to 4 NCAATs in that time. 

I'm about 3 months late, but I'll say this... if we somehow pull off that UCLA game IMO we are playing Baylor (and getting curb stomped just the same as Gonzaga) in Indy. Oh well... I thought that was our lost opportunity for a Final Four, but I can see a repeat dominant run next season and maybe we finally break through. 

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